Steel Drums

The steel drum or steel pan is the national musical instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. Since its invention in the 1950’s the instrument has been embraced internationally in schools from Elementary to University. The instrument is very user friendly and easy to learn. Daily classes will focus on Calypso, Reggae, Latin and pop music. Jim, Tom and Alan are seasoned veterans of performing and teaching steel drum to all ages at camps throughout the country.


"Hands On" Hand Drumming

Students will truly have a “hands on” experience playing the traditionalhand drums and rhythms of Guinea, West Africa. The Djembe and Dun Dun drums play rhythms that provide the pulse in daily life for work and celebration.  In addition Remi and the staff will teach Brazilian Samba drumming in the style of the “Batteria” drum sections in Carnival parades.  Drums large and small, bells, shakers and whistles make up the Batteria pounding out vibrant marching rhythms.


Carnival Arts

The Carnival celebrations of Trinidad and Brazil provide colorful theme based art in addition to the vibrant music. In the musical tradition students will choose a name, colors and theme for their music group and set out to create flags, shirts, banners and posters to represent their band for the final concert. Jean teaches art classes year round at the Athena Academy and she can’t wait to share her fun and creative talents with our campers!


Sports and Games

Each day students will have a fun hour of active games and sports choices as a nice break from musical rehearsals.  Trevor Kozacek teaches PE and Sports year round at the Athena Academy and he will provide fun and inclusive physical activities daily in addition to supervising games at Lunch with a variety of choices on the beautiful campus.


Culmination Concert

Friday Afternnoon

The camp week will culminate with a concert showcase at the end of the day to present our art and music from the week.